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Rely on My Appliance Repair Service in Pleasant Grove, UT

Do you run a restaurant? Chances are that you rely on your appliances regularly. Given that, it’s normal for you to feel stressed out when your appliances malfunction or need repairs. When this happens, there’s no need to panic. I’m a professional that can provide you with the appliance repair service that you need. I’ll get your restaurant equipment working like new by the time that I’m done with the job. Appliance Repair Specialist is a company that specializes in all kinds of appliance repair jobs regardless of the details.

The Services I Offer

Restaurant Appliance Repairs

Restaurant Appliance Repairs
Restaurants typically have numerous appliances that are used daily - from ovens to fryers, freezers, and more. Whatever kind of appliance you have that needs to be repaired, I'm the expert you can turn to. I'll get to the bottom of the problem and ensure that it's resolved as needed.

Fryer Repair

Fryer Repair
Many things can go wrong with a fryer, and I'm the professional that can get to the bottom of it. I'll identify the problem with your fryer and properly tend to the repair services so that you can get back to frying food for your customers. 

Steamer Repair

Steamer Repair
If you have a steamer that is not working properly, leave it to me. I'll complete all the repair services and ensure that you have a fully functional steamer in no time. I'll be sure to check all the components, including the heating elements, resistor, switch contacts, and more.

Grill Repair

Grill Repair
With my major appliance repair services, you can rely on me to work on getting your grill back to being fully functional in no time. Regardless of the kind of grill you have, I'll ensure that you get the services you're looking for. I'll inspect the control valves and even the gas lines.

Ice Machine and Freezer Repairs

Ice Machine and Freezer Repairs
Whether you need to have your ice machine or freezer repaired, I'm the professional that you can turn to. To complete the repairs, I'll start by inspecting the water supply lines and taking a look at all the details. Leave it all up to me so that you're at ease.

Hot Tub Repair

Hot Tub Repair
It's critical to store your spa's covers and tarps appropriately. Both soft and hard shells must be dried, cleaned, and stored properly to avoid mildew formation. Maintaining clean, dry, and out-of-direct sunlight or particularly hot areas will further increase the life of spa covers. Given the high cost of hot tubs and the numerous health and wellness benefits they bring, it's critical to maximize their longevity.

Spa Repair

Spa Repair
While small leaks, splits, and cracks can be difficult to detect with the untrained eye, they are an essential component of the inspection process. One advantage of having a professional service in your hot tub is that any cracks, leaks, or tears can be repaired immediately. Additionally, your spa specialist will be able to tighten any loosened drain plugs.

Pool Repair

Pool Repair
Dealing with pool leaks and other maintenance issues is a huge hassle. If you have an issue with your pool, solving the issue immediately can help prevent further damage. Too often, people ignore the problems and later regret them. Don't let this happen to you! I use high-quality tools, and I have the experience you need to solve any pool maintenance issue.

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair
Reduced humidity within your home is one of the benefits of AC repair. While the air is being cooled and filtered, excess moisture is being drained from it. Humidity levels within a home are a concern because they might result in the growth of mold or mildew. These factors can harm people's health, particularly those with respiratory problems. A house with a high humidity level would almost certainly have a musty odor throughout, which is extremely unpleasant.

Why Choose Me

With my restaurant equipment repair services, you won’t have to stress about having malfunctioning appliances. I’ll complete each job with quality and precision in mind. Leave all your appliances to me whenever they need to be repaired. I’m a professional in Pleasant Grove, UT that you can turn to.

How I Do It

To provide my reliable appliance repair services, I make sure to evaluate all aspects of each appliance and locate the problem. This is how I ensure that I’m completing the job properly. Appliance Repair Specialist is a company that you can depend on to get your appliances fully functional again.

If you need quality appliance repair services in Pleasant Grove, UT, just give me a call now to schedule your appointment!


May 5, 2021
by Angela Robertson on Appliance Repair Specialist
Affordable Services

I own a small restaurant, and I have very limited equipment. I've used their appliance repair service a couple of times for different appliances and each time they've left me incredibly satisfied with their work. They repaired my grill and my deep fryer and it was all done for an affordable price! 

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